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Related post: Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2011 23:55:02 -0600 From: cody kranz Subject: Relationship at its Prime- Chapter 1This is a fictional story between two male men, and the loving relationship that can form between close friends.If you are free18 teen porn under the age goth teen pussy porn of 18 or teen cheeerleader porn have restrictions against reading this material then I advise you not to.This is a story of love and a budding relationship, and not about smut dirty sex.Thanks. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Realtionship at its Prime- Chapter 1 It was a mind freezing cold day in hot ass teen the biggest city in Montana. The city known for its night online teen porn movies life, user submitted teen porn its beautiful surroundings, and it's college life. Ryan was walking back bundled up in his Columbia winter jacket to his college dorm room from PSY101. 'Good nude teen porn star thing the campus is fairly small' he thought to himself and chuckled. After japan teen porn movies trudging the length of campus he finally got milf and teen porn back to nude brazilian teens his dorm room. Ryan sat down on his bed and sighed, he thought of his life and sighed again throwing himself backfirst on the rest of his bed. voluptuous teen porn He couldn't help thinking that things weren't quite on his side at the moment. His mind began focusing on what he used to exploited teen porn gay hot teen porn be and how far he has sunk. In high school he had been an extremely popular guy and always had things on his plate of free fuck teens daily activities. Some times he would not return home until one or two am daily and he loved it. Always hanging out with as teen lesbian sex videos many people as possible. So this was torture for Ryan being shut away at college. It seemed that he lost his stride in college already and it was only 3 months into his freshman year. Going from popular to only asian teen froo porn having people just acknowledging you without much else to say. The only thing keeping Ryan from leaving was his obsession with a star on one of the teams at college and that is Luke. Luke was the star of the cross russian teen ******** country team and was amature teen blonde porn exceptionally smart. Luke is pretty much the only person aside from his group of friends that bothered to talk to Ryan much. Ryan couldn't help free teen lesbian stories adjusting himself when he thought about Luke because Luke was the epitome of his type, and did I mention... Luke is my roommate. qmov teen porn He has retro porn teen medium height-probably like 5'9, russian underground teen porn brown short hair, great cheek bones, a superb body, and not to mention his style. Everything about Luke made Ryan want porn teen sample video to be friends with him. If you couldn't tell, Ryan is gay, and not in the closet. He is proud of who he is and people respect teen porn twins him for that. He gay teen phoyo came out to a nude lesbian teens group of girls the first couple weeks into college, teen nude photos and since cartoon teen porn then if someone asked him if he was teen ass tgp he just told them yep. Ryan stopped his daily mind wandering after his psychology class and got off teen sites porn his bed and walked to the bathroom. After finishing his teen golden shower porn thing he went back into his room, and walked to his computer and check the time. 11:40,'Cool' he thought to himself 'Its time to check out what's on for ebony nude teen lunch'.Ryan grabbed his bookbag off his bed and went to head out the door. Just as he was about to open it Luke came back from his hot gay teen porn class."Hey Ryan" Luke said flashing Ryan's favorite smile at him.Ryan replied, "Hey Luke, just heading to lunch I'll see you later."Luke looked a little disapointed but he smiled a rueful smile and said "Okay, later man."Ryan gave a little wave walking out of the room with a sad look on his own face. 'God, I always get so flustered around andge faces porn teen him!' he thought to himself shutting the door behind him.He walked up the to the second story of his dorm complex and went down the hallway full of posters and daily activities. porn,teen,girls He made it to his best friend Claire's room and knocked.Claire came to the door and opened it, "Hey RyRy!" she smiled and reached out and hugged him.After releasing her teen porn password he teen sex pics said, "Hey ClaireBear how you doing beautiful."She smiled wickedly at him, "If only you were straight you dork."Pulling Ryan into her teen porn video clips dorm room and shutting the door.Ryan chuckled and replied, "Who says I'm not?" giving her his best pouty look."Oh nudist petit teen porn baby you know I'd be all up on that if you were teen fatties free porn straight" she quickly retorted and reached for Ryan's junk.He batted her hand away playfully and said "Okay, okay you taboo teen porn pics got me! No more grabsies!" She laughed teen titan porn pics and they continued past the bathroom, her roomates nude black teen beds, and into her section of the dorm room."God, I hate quads! Four roommates to fifteen teen porn one room is not cool." Claire ranted to her self plopping down teens tit and ass free home teen porn on her bed.Ryan joined gay teen anime porn her sitting on the bed. "Eh you only have like 6 more months of it. Then we get to move over to the sophmore dorms, pretty sweet ehhh?" Ryan said while nudging her with a smile on his face.She gave a rueful smile back teen getting fucked hard and agreed "Yeah I guess so.""Anyways do you want teen x porn to go get some lunch in the caf?" Ryan asked her.She smiled and said, "You sure know a way to a woman's heart. Distract her with queer teen porn food, real cool Ryan."Getting off her bed and putting on her shoes."Let's go gay teens pictures slut" she said smacking him on the butt.Ryan laughed and said "Knock it off you tease!"They each laughed as she continued putting on her coat to take on the Montana weather. Let me tell you about Claire. Claire is probably one of the most beautiful woman I have ever met in my life. gay teen porn If I were straight she and free teen porn photos I would probably get married. She has a great attitude abour her and has a striking body. She has a monster rack and a great butt, and above all that her personality is so charming. You see Claire is from Texas and she know's how to, how do I say it..., flaunt only teen girls porn her assets. teen end mom porn She is not a slut, but she has a tendency to go a little crazy bearly alegal teen porn at parties and has had quite 3d teen titans porn a few one night stands. She has long brown curly hair, lips to die for, and stands roughly 5'11. She could get any guy she wanted. Except for me. We walked out of her dorm, and headed down the hallways arms linked and passed the posters on the display boards that lined the bbw teen porn walls, and down the stairs to the side door."Ryan teen porn thumbnail videos I hate this weather damn it! Its always so hot ebony teen porn cold, and I just hate ittt!" Claire said while shivering."It's not that bad Claire!" Ryan said chuckling going on, "I grew up in Montana nude teen fuck I'm used to this stupid season." "Yeah, yeah, whatever" she said back and smiled.We made it to the student building and I nudged her "You didn't die!" She giggled and replied,"Almost though! Did you see me almost eat it back there?" looking exasperated.Ryan laughed while they continued walking into the building towards the cafeteria. They got inline behind the free chubby nude teens rest of the crowd and Ryan said"Go find us a table and I'll save your spot inline, put my bookbag by your seat." Smiling Claire said"Okay Ry." She said bounding off through the line to grab us a table. After waiting in line for five minuntes Claire and I grabbed kitty teen porn our plates off the counter and grabbed our food. After grabbing our food we went to the table she teen videos nude had chosen. After sitting down at the teen porn free downloads table teen masturbation porn I scoped out the crowd in the cafe for Luke.Claire noticed me searching and she giggled, "Ryan stop looking for your wanna-be boyfriend."I laughed back at her comment, "What can't a guy look, but not touch?"She laughed again. "Fair enough, fair enough. How are things with him anyways?"I scratched my head a little and replied, "Eh the same as usual, we put up with each other because we are teen couples sex roommates, and we hangout sometimes. But pretty much the same" while shoveling some lasagne into my mouth.Then she said, "You know I noticed he's never even dated before.... I even tried to get with him and he pigtail teen porn shot me young teen toplist pussy down."I looked at her wearly, teen porn xxx photos "When?!" I said.She laughed and said, " Last month at that party you decided NOT to come to AGAIN! He said he wasn't intrested. I was pretttty pissed, but then I blacked out and woke up in my roommates bed."She laughed a little then decided something in her head. "You should really just talk to porn horny teen him, he seems like a good guy, and was polite, why aren't teen hardcore sex you guys like BFFS?"I finished chewing the last bite of my lasgne and quitely replied, "Yeah, like Luke wants to be best friends with his gay roommate."She frowned a little then suggested, "You should try, you are a great guy Ryan and I know you deserve to have more friends teen and milfs porn then you do, you just have the first semester jitters. Here's the perfect time to TRY and talk teen titan porn sex to him and get out of your funk!"I laughed while getting up from the table with my tray. "Okay fine, I'll put forth an effort, but if he doesn't respond to it then I'm gonna give up."She teen porn 18 smiled at me teen porn celebrities and said, "Good!" She grabbed her tray and got up from the table. We walked over to the trash and put away our garbage and porn cartoon young teen retuned to our table for our bags. As we walked out the door Luke was foreign teen porn just walking in the other side and smiled at us."Hey Claire, Ry." he said to us nodding his head to us in a friendly matter.We acknowledged him and returned the causal hellos, and continued out the door to the blizzard at hand.As we got back to the dorm complex Clair said she would catch me later teen porn she had to shower and finish getting ready for her day.She didnt celeb xxx teen thumbs have class until 1PM and its was 12:30. blode lesbo teen porn 'Lucky skank' I thought to myself.As I got to my dorm room I unlocked it and went over to the computer 69 pic teen porn to finish typing up an essay I had to hand in today in like two hours.'Good thing I just have to edit it' I thought.After an hour of solid editing teen porn sample video and finishing touchs I printed it out and then stapled it.'Only one more class then I'm done for the weekend.' I smiled.Just teen jasmin porn sites then Luke came back from lunch."Hey Luke, how was your lunch?" I asked little nude teens him while he was shutting the door."Oh it was alright, my mom makes better lasagne then that, but it was tolerable." He said.I chuckled at that and said," Yeah I know what you mean. My mom makes the best food ever, but who doesn't say that about thier mom's.?"Luke continued into the room and put his stuff on his dresser and took off his shoes. "How was your class this morning Ry?"I smiled at the nickname he and claire had given me. "Eh it was okay, the professor can be super annoying ninety precent of the time though."Luke laughed and said, "Yeah PSY101 has it's lame moments doesn't it?""Most definetly." I responded.We continued nude teen tits to idly chat while doing our own things. I already knew mostly everything about Luke considering I've lived with him the past 3 months of school. However, we never bonded towards having a strong friendship."Anyways, I have an essay to turn in and then class is done for the day. Do you think you might wanna chill tonight? Maybe, I dunno, hangout?" I asked him nervously, but with a sense of confidence."Sure Ry! I movie porn teen know we don't hangout much, but I'd like to change that." He said while smiling.I blushed a little I think, and replied, teen very young porn "Yeah, I dunno I just thought that I'd let you do your own thing latina legal teen porn and I'd do teen blowjob mine as well. I don't really know your viewpoint on my orientation so yeah... Thats why nude teen porn movies I've been kinda distant."Luke gave me teen gays a smile and replied, "Ryan does it look like I care whether you date guys or girls? I mean we hot teen porn sex have been sharing the same room for 3 months and I've never really thought it was a big deal at all."Ryan puffed a breath of relief finally knowing that Luke didn't hate him because of his sexuality. He smiled at Luke and said, "Thanks for that, I needed to know if you had bad feelings towards it. I try not to show it all, I mean I think I'm fairly good at concealing the annoying porn asian teen gay man inside young teen porn amature me." I chortled naked teen girl porn as he laughed at my statement."Yeah man we're cool, now go turn in your paper before it's too late." He pointed at the door with a smile showing those amazing nude teen clips dimples."Good point, I'll see you when I get teen xxx tryouts back from class!" I said as I began towards the door with my essay in hand.'This has gotta teen movie porn be one of my better days at college so far' I thought to myself while walking to the English building to turn my essay in.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------This is my first installment in the Luke and Ryan series. I am extremely new at writing and I've never done anything like this before. So let me know if you like it or teen porn pic gallery if I should just stop while I can. Lol.Thanks.codykranzgmail.com
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